Click and Optimize!

Revolutionizing Foodservice Procurement

Food Procurement Reinvented

Efficient electronic procurement with no technical skills required! Smart mobile technology at your fingertips 24/7

Cut Costs and Maximize Profits

Advanced mathematical software optimizes entire foodservice orders at the press of a button

Best Products, Best Prices, Best Quality

Always find the best deals! Rovier matches customer needs with suppliers offering the best products at the lowest prices

Buyer Benefits

Cut Costs and Boost Profits

Optimize entire order, not just specific items

Make Informed Financial Decisions

Financial management at your fingertips

Save Time and Effort

Quick, easy, and personalized… 24/7

Supplier Benefits

Reduce Operating Costs

Improve logistics and streamline salesforce

Increase Sales Revenue and Boost Profits

Upsell through targeted advertising

Expand Customer Base

Acquire new customers… 24/7

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About Rovier

Rovier is the worldwide leader in efficient electronic procurement using mathematical optimization. Rovier’s Click and Optimize technology combines the power of state-of-the-art mathematical optimization, advanced data analytics, and smart mobile technology.

Our team consists of worldwide leaders in the fields of information technology, mathematical optimization, and hotel/restaurant management. Our pioneering work in mathematical optimization has won the INFORMS Computing Society Prize and the Beale-Orchard-Hays Prize, two of the most prestigious international awards.